Hi! I am a private collector who has reached the stage where it has come time to start slowly selling. I am not a coin dealer or trader.

You will find in these pages a large collection of Australian coins. The majority of the collection consists of - Full Sovereigns, Half Pennies, Pennies, Threepences, Sixpences, Shillings, Florins and Crowns. Also included are a few Rarities, Colonial (Proclamation) and many Proof (mainly QEII) coins.

I also have a large quantity of lesser graded coins and modern issues. So if you are interested in coins that don't appear on this website it is still worth a call.

Unfortunately many of my photographic attempts do not display the coins as well as they could. For example, coins that are in a thick mylar eagle holder have a ‘flat and milky’ reflection in the photographs. This is due to reflection from the camera and unfortunately really detracts from their real appearance. Nevertheless, the photos will give you an indication of quality and I have also provided gradings on all non proof coins.

If you would like to contact me, I prefer to be contacted via david@davidscoins.com.auFor those without email, you can leave a message for me at my workplace on 0405 205 794. I will then arrange to meet with you at a convenient time to show you the coins.  I am located in Melbourne.

I prefer payment in cash, so that a physical handover of the coins can proceed at the time of viewing. I also accept cheque or direct bank deposit, but I am unable to release the coins until the funds have cleared my bank.

As I am not a coin dealer, I do not offer coin valuations. Please do not ask me about the value of your coins!!! There are many great coin dealers that offer this service. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BUYING ANY FURTHER COINS, so please don't try to sell me yours. 

The values for the more bullion priced sovereigns have been calculated as per the McDonald price guide as at Jan 2012, when gold was $1727 AUD. As the price of gold is increasing I will not sell a 'low end' gold coin for less than the McDonald calculated value, multiplied by the ratio of the current bullion price to $1727. If by some chance you are not 100% happy with your purchase, notify us immediately and return the coins back to us within 14 days. Once we receive the coins we will immediately refund the price paid less the postage charges.


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